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Spirit of Radio

Spirit of Radio

Original Canadian Release - Anthem, . UK release - Mercury .

Highest UK chart position:

Weeks in chart:

DISC 1 Working man (from Rush; Fly By Night (from Fly By Night; 2112 Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx (from 2112 Closer To The Heart (from A Farewell to Kings; The Trees (from Hemispheres; The Spirit Of Radio; Freewill (both from Permanent Waves; Limelight; Tom Sawyer; Red Barchetta (from Moving Pictures; New World Man; Subdivisions (from Signals; Distant Early Warning (from Grace Under Pressure; The Big Money (from Power Windows; Force Ten ; Time Stand Still (from Hold Your Fire

Closer To The Heart; Tom Sawyer ; Subdivisions; The Big Money; Mystic Rhythms

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