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Rush in Rio

Rush in Rio

Original Canadian Release - Anthem,2003 . UK release - Atlantic, 2003

Highest UK chart position:

Weeks in chart:

Disc 1: Tom Sawyer; Distant Early Warning; New World Man; Roll the Bones; Earthshine; YYZ; The Pass; Bravado; The Big Money; The Trees; Free Will; Closer to the Heart; Natural Science

Disc 2: One Little Victory; Driven; Ghost Rider; Secret Touch; Dreamline; Red Sector A; Leave That Thing Alone; O Basterista; Resist; 2112

Disc 3: Limelight; La Vilaa Strangiatio; Spirit of Radio; By-Tor and the Snow Dog/Cygnus X-1 (prologue); Working Man; Between Sun and Moon; Vital Signs

Recorded live at the Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 23/11/02
Between Sun and Moon recorded live at the Cricket Pavillion, Pheonix, Arizona, 27/9/02
Vital Signs recorded live at Quebec, 19/10/02

Geddy Lee (bass/vocals/keyboards)
Alex Lifeson (guitars)
Neil Peart (drums/percussion)

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